Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ezekiel Coming?

My last topic on No Apologies was concerning Israel, and specifically, the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophecy. I won't repeat the whole verse here, but it talks about the time when Israel's enemies will surround them, and God will intercede in such a way which the whole world will know that God is real, and that Israel was saved by His mercy for His people, and because of His judgement on those who have come against His people.

There are a two huge things which I've thought about this prophecy, and how it just may be the puzzle pieces which fit into place concerning the coming of the one world religion, and the spiritual awakening of Jews around the world.
I find it amazing how the events going on in the world are giving Bible believing Christians more and more of the puzzle, which are the Bible prophecies!
First of all- the things I'm talking about in this post are only my thoughts and ideas of what may happen. This is not a series of predictions, and I still claim that I am no prophet by any means. All I am is a simple person who has been learning about the Bible prophecies and the Word of God. Please keep this in mind as I go through the scenario in this post.

First of all, there is no argument about the fact that Israel is facing some extremely deadly threats- not only from Iran, which is the obvious. Russia, Libya, Syria and even Turkey are showing signs of power plays which all only lead to eventual conflict against Israel. Now, what is the common denominator with all of these countries? They are all either predominantly Islam nations, or have a large population of Islamic people.

When the Ezekiel Prophecies happen, and they will happen, what do you suppose will be the outcome of all of this? I mean, not only will these countries be severely stricken militarily, but it is my belief that Islam will be no more.
What I mean, is Muslim people will be looking at the beginning war against Israel from their religious perspective. They see this as one of the last important battles in jihad- the destruction of the Jews, and the taking of the land for Islam. They will have every belief that allah will give them victory and they will be watching the war very closely, as will the rest of the world, non Muslims included.

When The God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph destroy the armies of the Muslim countries who come against Israel, what will the Muslims have left to believe in? They will recognize enough of the miraculous happenings to know that God indeed was present in the battle- not allah, but God Almighty. They will, in the Words of the Scriptures, "Know that the Lord is God." It is my sincerest belief that Muslims will turn from belief in allah, and search the true God.
I'm not claiming that every Muslim will automatically become a Christian, but many, millions of them will realize that the Muslim faith is an empty faith, and search Scripture for the True God.

Consider also- the timing of the Ezekiel Prophecy. If this happens before the Tribulation time, and before the Rapture of Christ's own, many Muslims may end up being raptured along! All over the middle east, right now, thousands of Muslims are turning towards Christ. Many are having visions of Christ, and dreams concerning Him. It is straight out of Joel! There will be millions of former Muslims being raptured, so this idea is not so far fetched.

If this war happens at the beginning of the tribulation time, but after the rapture, this will be the removal of 2 of the World's largest and most prominent religions. The Bible believing Christians will be removed by the rapture (Next time I will be talking only about the rapture), and Muslims defeated by war, and the rest, turning to the True God of their brothers through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
The Jews will be "awakened", that is, the scales that have kept them blinded about the Messiah will have fallen from their eyes. Israel will continue to be the "stumbling block" for the Antichrist. (I'll get to this in a minute).

When Biblical Christianity and Islam is no longer in the world religious picture, the vacuum will be filled quickly with the new one world religion of the liberal, watered down ear tickling, man centered (at first) feel good theology. This is something the atheists and agnostics can accept, because much of it is man centered and based on evolution ideas. It is something the new agers can accept because it is based on everyone on the path that suits them best, which all lead to the same place. It suits the humanists, socialist government because it is not seen as a threat, or a dangerous brain altering religion. It will be at first the accepted religion of the Antichrist, because it will lead into a time where the rest of the world will see the "miracles", they will "feel" the spirituality of this new charismatic, peaceful man.

All which will stand in his way, is the "stumbling block". Israel. By this time, Israel will have a new Temple, and they will have rededicated it and offering the daily sacrifices. The Antichrist will have to appease the Israelis for a little while- 3 and a half years to be exact. We'll learn more about that another time. Next time, as promised, we'll look at the Rapture of the Bible believing Church.

Until then, I just wanted to add, that one of the main reasons why I am doing this series, and keeping it out there is so Christians can see things a little more clear, if they have never read or heard of these prophecies. Also, for non believers, so they can watch and wait- seeing how world events coincide with the prophecies. I pray for those, that they will see God's hand in all the happenings, and see that He is in control- no matter how out of control things may be. He is a loving God who is waiting, has waited for millenia for everyone to come to Him.

The other reason I am keeping this series alive, is so when someday soon, the prophecies come to pass- people will remember not only my series, but search other sources as well and come to know Jesus Christ as their savior- and be able to, through the Holy Spirit, recognize the Antichrist for who he is, and who he belongs to. They will hopefully gain knowledge and faith, peace and strength to resist the Antichrist and persevere until the end when Jesus will come to make all things New.



  1. Very Good! Your posts are an inspiration to me, and keep me on track too! Things are moving faster every day, IMHO.

    Tom Schuckman
    Jesus is Lord.

  2. Awsome blog! I so appreciate this kind of message getting out there. Some of the unaware (I call them sheeple) will be caught off guard. People like you will help get those people awake and preparing. God bless. I want to follow your blog. Glory to God!