Friday, May 1, 2009

The Reason for this Blog

A few years ago when I was blogging on AOL, I did a series on the Biblical Prophecies of the end times. The purpose was not only to tell people who had never known of them about the Biblical prophecies, but also for Christians who have never quite been able to understand the prophecies.

I have been studying the prophecies for over 10 years now, and have, over the years seen people who have tried to set dates for the return of Christ, have read and heard many other people's thoughts and interpretations of the prophecies, and have studied the prophetic verses in the Bible.

While I don't claim to be an expert or even a scholar, my purpose for writing the series was and always is to share everything I have learned, and am continuing to learn from the Bible.

It is amazing to me, that watching the news daily, seeing the changes over the past decade- I am seeing the pages of the Word of God being made reality in the world. His word is coming to pass, and I know I am only one of millions who are more and more looking to the soon second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am not intending to go through apologetics here on this blog- arguing for the Inerrant Truth of the Bible. You can go to the side bar for other websites for more information on how to know if the Bible is True. For anyone who disagrees with what I am writing on this blog- whether you are not a Christian, or whether you don't have any real religious beliefs, I welcome you. All I ask is that if you leave a comment, please be polite and courteous. I have no problem discussing anything and answering questions, but I will not bother answering to mean spirited people.

I do welcome any constructive feedback, and any questions.

For all who come to read, it is my hope that you may recognise the reality of Biblical prophecies coming to pass right now. I pray that anyone searching for more meaning of this life, anyone who is curious or contemplating Christianity- that God will let His Holy Spirit direct you in your search.

It is always my greatest prayer that anyone who visits any of my blogs would come to know Jesus Christ- His absolute perfect love for you, and recognize your need for Him as your Lord and Savior.

God Bless and Maranatha (Come, O Lord) !


  1. Very well put-- and broken down for the 'new' Christians and interested ones! I believe that you fill an important niche in our combined preaching work. You are also storing up your treasures in heaven.
    Good job!

    Your friend in Christ,
    Tom Schuckman
    Jesus is Lord.

  2. Welcome back, Carolyn. Glad to have you aboard. I wish everybody had saved their AOL Journals in archive. Most of them were pretty good.

    I can't wait to read your up and coming posts.
    Until then, best wishes and God bless you!

    In Christ
    Brother Cliff (River from JESUS LOVES YOU!)